Ignacio Mazzocco is a communicator and writer by vocation. Graduated in Law from Di Tella University in Argentina (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) he later obtained his Master in Laws degree at Lousianna State University in 2005. Has been professor and director at Di Tella University and is currently professor of the School of Law and the Master of Journalism at Universidad de San Andres. Has written articles for newspapers such as Perfil, Ambito Financiero, El Cronista, Infobae, Clarin among others and has been invited to analyze current national affairs on TV and radio programs on various occasions. Has also acted as advisor to the United Nations.

Wrote and starred in the experimental theatrical production “The Bystander”. The project involved interviews to a real Holocaust survivor, and a personal research trip to Concentration Camps in Poland.
Edited his first album “Bystander” on Spotify and Itunes, with songs in English and Spanish which reflect some of the thoughts and feelings experienced while visiting the Polish concentration camps.
During the live concerts in which Bystander was played, original violins recuperated from Krakow were played. Some of these same violins might have been played by Jews in the ghettos during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Ignacio is an enthusiast of organic orchards and gardens for personal consumption. He grows more than 1,500 copperwoods and 300 edible plants at home with which he explores and learns. He believes that home vegetable produce is the way of the future for the children of our country. When thinking of the future most people discuss big nation-wide plans for economic development. Meanwhile Ignacio believes a simple vegetable garden in everyone’s home is what could pull us out of the bottom of the ocean; because an organic orchard implies many small developments that, aggregated, constitute the long yearned “development” that, until now, has not yet arrived.
Big change is in small feasible ones.

La Noble Igualdad

Published La Noble Igualdad in 2014 (Editorial Sudamericana / Penguin- Random House-Mondadori).
This Book translates the Argentine legal system jargon so that anybody with reading skills may understand and defend their basic rights without assistance of an attorney.


An avid enthusiast of Kung Fu and Tai chi chuan for more than 15 years, he perfected his practice in China. Has practiced meditation for over 20 years – the last ten together with his sons Enzo, Rocco and Milo. Regularly attends Talmud studies with Rab. Uriel Romano.

Has been a vegetarian since reading Animal Liberation, by Peter Singer, a book which helped to demonstrate that animals are not ours. Ignacio is completely optimistic about our own future, which is why we must act now.

“Because if not now, then when?”