Value of the Talmud

I consider the Talmud is source of knowledge that transcends the religious dimension, and is a vehicle that could provide a great opportunity to teach capabilities related to critical thinking, solid argumentation, creativity, comprehension and interpretation of texts.

If we stop to think about our own children, the qualities I have just mentioned are vital for the coming decades… and are crucial if we want to survive as a species. In order to achieve this, we must leave violence, as a vehicle for confrontation, aside, and learn to confront with the written or spoken word.

The value of debating

Healthy, passionate and deep debate is the only kind of engagement that will allow us to grow.

The Value of Critical Thinking

The children of tomorrow must develop this skill. Without Critical Thinking there is no possibility for development and the danger of hateful or violent (and unfounded) ideas increases; because those who don’t know how to think critically cannot tell if something is unfounded.

What will we leave for our children?

I’d like to leave them a sustainable world. Part of this sustainability is that we can sustain peaceful agreements as well as peaceful disagreements… through honest and sound argumentation.